Boudhanath, one of the awesome place for short trip (if you are in Kathmandu). It is located on the way to jorpati from chabahil (See in google map).

Little Set bit about boudthanath (from Wikipedia)

Boudhanath (Devanagari, Nepali: बौद्धनाथ) (also called Boudha, Bauddhanāth or Bauddhanath or the Khāsa Caitya) is a stupa in Kathmandu, <a title="Nepal" cheap oakleys href=””>Nepal. It is known as Khāsti in Nepal Bhasa, Jyarung Khashor in <a title="Classical Tibetan" wholesale football jerseys china href=””>Tibetan language (Tibetan: བྱ་རུང་ཁ་ཤོར། oakley outlet Wylie: bya rung kha shor) or as Bauddha by speakers of Nepali. Located about 11 km (6.8 mi) from the center and northeastern outskirts of Kathmandu, the stupa’s massive mandala makes it one of the largest hockey jerseys spherical stupas in Nepal.

I am in Kathmandu from last 5 years but never had a chance to visit Boudha so i thought it will be awesome to visit nearby place for first time. I started my ride from New Banesore and it takes ma half an hour to reach there Cheap nba Jerseys due to traffic jam in my way. (Below is map from my location to boudha)

After i reached there i searched for parking but its cheap football jerseys real hard to find good parking place there but i manage cheap jerseys to park near a shop. After a minute walk i reached main gate 4 of stupa. Started There are lots of small pound and big temples (stupas) around main stupa. I was there at evening around 4:30 PM wholesale jerseys so its a bit windy at that time. It was really awesome inside main stupa. May It has big spaces around stupa to walk. People are taking photos and having good time with their friends and families, some people are doing meditation too. wholesale NFL jerseys After  half an hour wholesale jerseys roaming all around stupas i decided cheap nfl jerseys to leave and took me another 30 minutes to cheap authentic jordans came back to New Banesore.

(Image taken from web)

Take on this short trip:

  • Main Stupa will close at 5:30 PM
  • Lack of parking but you may find one if you search for 5 minute
  • Some what peaceful (but could be depends on what time you will go there)
  • You can buy lots of Buddhist Part religious item there
  • Lots of good cafe and hotels

Share my your story cheap MLB Jerseys to boudhanath in comment below.